discount real estate agent

Any offers received on your home will receive top priority. Not many flat-fee real estate brokers will even review an offer, let alone give you advice.

We'll review the offer and present it to you along with a professional opinion as to the merits of the offer. We'll let you know what's usual and customary for the local market and advise you on the next step involved. If necessary, we'll prepare a counter offer for your signature and present it to the buyer's agent.

  • A licensed, professional agent will review your offer
  • The agent will call you to go over the offer and advise you on the merits of the offer
  • Any counter offer will be prepared and presented to the buyer's agent on your behalf
  • Request, review and verification of buyer's qualification with their lender
  • Closing Instructions will be filed with the title company
  • Earnest money deposit will be delivered to the title company

Because we conduct far more transactions than a typical agent, you'll know that you have the best of the best negotiating on your behalf.