discount real estate

Generally, when people think of flat-fee real estate agents, they think of limited-service companies with limited-results.  Unlike other flat-fee real estate brokers, DIYSellers offers traditional real estate services at a greatly reduced price.

DIYSellers has implemented the latest technological solutions that allow us to automate many of the repetitive tasks involved in every real estate transaction so we can focus on more important service!  The savings that are generated by implementing these technologies are then passed on to you, the homeowner. This allows you to keep much more of your hard-earned equity.

Our service model was built on the belief of a partnership with our clientele rather than a customer-agent relationship.  This eliminates any potential conflict of interest because we are not getting paid on the sales price, rather for services rendered.  When we give you advice, you can trust that it's with your best interest in mind and not our bank account.